Monday, October 18, 2021

Does Marriage Counseling Work?

 It's a fair question.

The majority of our population is already apprehensive and skeptical around seeing a therapist in general. Too often we don't want to talk about our feelings, even if we know it's just us and the doctor. Or even worse, what if your friends and family find out? It's a train of thought that some of us are born with, not to show emotions and not to make your issue visible to the public. Especially if it's something as close as your relationship with your spouse.

But here's the deal.

Therapy sessions can do you a lot of good. Even more so, marriage counseling can go a long ways to improving not only your marriage, but your life. If you and your partner are committed to resolving issues and saving your relationship, counseling may be the way to go.

Conflicts arise too often in adulthood. The stress of working to provide for your family, the bills, the kids soccer games every weekend, yardwork...the list goes on and on with things that you have to do which then only provides less time for you and your significant other. And that's where trouble can start.

Having a bad day can bring out the worst in us, and who is normally the first person to take the blunt of that bad day? The person you see the most, your spouse. It's important to try to mitigate these occurrences, but when you can't it's even more important to recognize when a conflict gets out of hand or may lead to future issues. And when that is the case, marriage and couples counseling can be an immediate impact to help you work on conflicts and strengthen your relationship.

Your typical sessions is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Even in our busy lives, it can be vital to ensure you take the time to not only attend these sessions...but be present mentally. Talking out issues that you've kept inside, and just letting go of past conflicts, can be a huge stress reliver. But more importantly it should also be a step in the right direction with your spouse. Not placing the blame on the other person, or even taking the blame on yourself, just letting go in general of small things.

Addiction issues, death in the family, just normal life issues. There are plenty of reasons why you may need couples counseling. Put the worries away, your relationship with your spouse is more important. Find marriage counseling keller tx and other areas to contact to chat about how a licensed therapist can help bring your life back in order.

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