Monday, November 9, 2020

New Plumbing Technologies

We are all professional DIY plumbers right? I know I am! 

Joking aside, there are some elements that are commonly known to be an easy fix for a DIY person. Simple toilet clogs, maybe even that running faucet. But there's plenty of plumbing issues that aren't, and of course large scale plumbing jobs such as a new home build that will require extensive plumbing. 

This is why we have trained technicians like plumber Allen TX who can help with jobs large and small. And with any profession, the ability to adapt and change with technology. Plumbers go back to the beginning of home building, but now things are changing and there are new technologies to help boost their business.

A tankless water heater just sounds weird doesn't it? But they exist and now are ever so popular with new neighborhood builds. Instead of a large tank, a "tankless" water heater uses heating methods to a continuous water flow. The big deal here, is the convenience of never running out of hot water. In addition to the tankless heater itself, is a new method of hot water recirculation. Which is exactly what it sounds like. The hot water that comes in from the heater is constantly circulating throughout the pipe for instant hot water!

You ever see those million dollar mansion shows with the amazing sinks and faucets? Well now you too can provide an upgrade to your kitchen with a touchless faucet. They do have touch faucets so you don't have to pull or turn a handle but new touchless faucets starts the water flow with a simple sensor.

In addition, we're now in the world of "smart." Smart phones, smart cars, on and on. With it now are smart appliances and smart showers and even smart toilets. With automatic flushing, better water control and water saving.

Hey, and while you're at it, go ahead and grab that bluetooth shower head so you can listen to your tunes while taking a shower.

There are plenty of other examples that we can get in to, and some of these are simple upgrades a homeowner can make. But also new aspects that plumbing companies need to be aware of and up to date on.


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