Friday, October 9, 2020

Buying Land? What Should You Know

 Buying land for your dream home sounds like an exciting adventure, and it should be. But, it can also be a chore and could also come with complications and issues if proper research isn't done ahead of time. We've put some aspects together that may help:

1. Visit the property. Pretty self explanatory perhaps, but it's important that you walk the property and not take in only virtual tours. Regardless of your current location, take the time to travel to your potential property. 

You never know what you may find, especially if it's a large amount of land where you may not know what sits behind.

2. Always check on zoning and deed restrictions. Pretty important here actually. You need to know what type of zoning restrictions you may have if you're lookin to build a new home on new property. 

This is also important if you're considering different types of structures (multiple houses, barns, etc).

3. Mineral rights. Make sure you loop in the previous land owner to see if the property comes with any mineral or water rights.

4. Financing. Obviously very important, and you'll want to discuss this in detail with your agent because there are different ways for you to finance and insuring the land.

When it comes to Wimberley real estate or any real estate purchase, it's extremely important to think through every possible scenario. Meet and connect with your agent on a regular basis and don't be afraid to ask the questions!

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