Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Winter Is Coming...Prepare Your Roof

 Ok sorry...bad Game of Thrones pun.

But it's actually a valid point. The most common time to replace a roof is during the spring and summer. Which makes sense, the weather is normally better...except for those strong spring storms which may be the reason for your roof to need repair anyway.

However, we need not to forget that we will also get bad weather in the winter time. Some areas get more rain, some of course will get a lot of snow that will pile up and sit on a roof for a long period of time. 

Leaves are falling off the trees and potentially clogging up your gutters.

While it's always important to monitor the roof and other aspects of your home to ensure they are not damaged, it's worth spending a little extra time before it gets cold to make sure it's ready to go. The last thing you need is to not know there is small damage to the roof, only for the snow to come and cause a leak as it sits and melts. 

Your small issue just became a big issue.

Experts in Roofing San Antonio have said the same. Even with drastic summers and winters down in the South, they urge their clients to make sure they understand that roof damage can occur at any point in the year. A hot summer sun, mixed with strong thunderstorms and hail, and set you up for a rough winter if you aren't prepared.

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