Friday, August 28, 2020

Live It Up With A Limousine Rental

Thinking about renting a limo for that special occasion? Do it!

There's plenty of reasons why the average person may want to get a limousine for a night or weekend, and we get questions from time that we want to try to help with. Every limousine company can be different, so we spoke with our Frisco Limo Now friends for some tips.

When To Reserve Your Limo?

A pretty common question we get, and it depends on the occasion and need. But regardless, the answer is normally the same: ASAP

The bigger the occasion, the earlier you should reserve. Especially for things like a wedding. The last thing you and your new partner need to worry about is having to scramble to get you a ride after the reception. Think about the info you need ahead of time (how many people, how far are you going, etc), to make the reservation as quick and easy as possible.

Should I Tip My Limo Driver

While it's not required, like other similar services, it's a good "unwritten rule" to tip your driver. Especially if the service is warranted. It's up to your discretion on the amount, but 15-20% of your overall ride cost is a good rule of thumb.

Plenty of other questions that can come up, but if you are considering renting a limo, reach out to your local company and chat!

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